API Credentials

To access the Enterprise API, you will first need to create your API credentials in Portal.

  1. Login to PowerReviews Portal (you must be an account administrator)
  2. On the left navigation bar, click on the ‘Account’ link
  3. Under ‘Manage Users’, click the ‘API’ nav link
  1. Click ‘Create New API Credentials
  2. Add a name, access level, and check the acknowledge the API License Agreement
  3. Click ‘Generate
  1. Once created, a modal will appear with a link to download client_id and client_secret - click ‘Download’ to retrieve the file

Note: API keys can ONLY be accessed via the file download process. For security reasons, the credentials file can only be generated during the creation process. If they are lost, new credentials will need to be generated.

  1. When the file finishes downloading, click ‘Done’ to return to the API home page, which displays a list of generated keys