Syndication is the sharing of authentic user-generated content from one client to another, where there are matching products across the product catalogs.

In the response for /reviews, you will find attribution data for syndicated content that contains the brand or merchant information to be displayed on syndicated reviews to indicate the origin of the content.

syndicated: true (Flag to indicate syndicated content type)

syndicating_client: BrandName (Name of Client – the source of content)

syndicating_client_logo: (image source URL )

syndicating_client_url: (website source URL)

syndicated: true | Flag to indicate syndicated content type

Get deleted syndicated content

If a brand stops sharing syndicated content, you will need to remove all reviews prevously ingested into your data store. You can utilize the ‘/deleted’ endpoint to retrieve all unmatched/deleted syndicated content that needs to be removed from your data store.

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