Enterprise API

Thank you for your interest in using the new API Platform. The new PowerReviews Enterprise API is a customer-centric API that will allow you to securely perform bulk queries to ingest user-generated content into your backend systems. The new API provides you with these features and capabilities:

Use Cases

  • Clients who want to utilize PowerReviews content to integrate with third-party applications: CRMs, Loyalty/Rewards, Email service providers, and Customer engagement platforms.
    • Loyalty platform leverages customer’s review data to award points. Leverage customer’s data to incentivize customers to leave reviews by using rewards.

      • Use the /reviews endpoint to get a list of reviews, in the response, we will return the user email_address, and user_id, you can use this data to map to your Loyalty Platform.
           "id": 244793153,
           "headline": "Great Product",
           "nickname": "John T.",
           "email": "test@email.com",
           "merchant_user_id": "rb13",
    • CRM platform imports content directly to enable the ability to respond to reviews/Q&A from within the platform.

      • Use the /merchant-response endpoint to reply to users who have submitted a review. The user will receive an email with your response and it can also be displayed within the review.
           "review_id": 13424,
           "merchant_id": 412344,
           "email": "test@test.com",
           "nickname": "Arthur",
           "response": "Thank you for your review",
           "location": "San Francisco",
           "locale": "en_US"
    • Product Information Management (PIM) platform manage your product data, add and update product information direcly from your PIM.

      • Use the /products endpoint to create products in bulk:
        "product_page_id": "ds123",
        "brand": "Shop",
        "category": "clothing > shirts",
        "description": "product desc",
        "image_url": "http://shop.com/image.png",
        "merchant_id": 76312,
        "name": "Dress shirt",
        "price": "99.00",
        "upc": "1325132523",
        "product_url": "http://shop.com/product/ds123"
    • Point of Sale System (POS) integrate your system directly to PowerReviews to manage your order data.

      • Use the /orders endpoint to create orders in bulk:
      	   "email": "test@test.com",
      		 "first_name": "John",
      		 "last_name": "T",
      		 "merchant_id": 4545646,
      		 "order_date": 7453146516,
      		 "order_id": "faf32",
      		 "order_items": [
      		      "product_page_id": "A1",
      			  "product_page_id_variant": "red"

  • Clients with direct syndication agreements.
  • Clients who want to provide a customized mobile experience.
  • Clients who want to utilize PowerReviews content to integrate into other areas of their website: search, recommendation, ads, and others.

*This API should not be queried directly from the browser. We recommend that you implement a custom web service application that accesses PowerReviews REST API with bulk queries. Your browser app can access your web service or database to retrieve the content. This will allow you to securely query our API in the backend without exposing API keys in the browser console.